Segel Gaastra Cosmic 2018 7,2 m² C4 (blau)

Artikelnummer: gaw_18_08-006

Kategorie: Gaastra


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FREERACE Power, performance and fun. The easiest high-performance camber sail on the market. FOR WHO: Freeride sailors and free racers wanting speed and power that´s easy to handle. The Cosmic was designed to offer sailors looking to move into cambered sails the perfect combination of power and handling. A carefully designed luff sleeve and two cams ensure that the new Cosmic rotates as easily as a no cam sail. A new panel profile and batten layout have increased bottom end power and performance which combine with an increased upper twist to further increase maximum speed. The Cosmic is light in the hands and much easier to handle than a full race sail. Effortless rigging and quick to plane, the Cosmic will make sure you are the first one on the water every time. It is the perfect sail choice for sailors who want the performance of a cambered sail but without any of the technical challenges of a full cambered race sail.

Einsatzbereich: Freeride Freerace
Marke: Gaastra
Model: 2018

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