Surfboard Tabou Rocket Plus MTE 2021 123 Liter

Artikelnummer: tab_21_ropm-001

Kategorie: Tabou


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A maximum in speed and performance has never been as accessible as it is now. The Rocket+ brings the best in performance freeriding and convertible windfoiling into one board, which accelerates your windsurfing session. With a front V double concave, which transitions into a V in the tail, the Rocket+ delivers impressive power that unfolds smoothly and without requiring active pumping by the rider. Thin rails in the tail add easy jibing abilities to a powerful and quick board concept, which is now also available in 143 litres for windsurfing performance in very light winds.

Volumen (lt.) Länge (cm) Breite (cm) Gewicht (kg) Fin-Box Serienfinne (cm) Sailrange (m²) UVP (Euro)
123 237 77 9,3 DT (Foil-Ready) 42 6,5 - 9,0 1599,-
133 237 81 9,4 DT (Foil-Ready) 46 7,0 - 10,0 1599,-
143 237 85 9,5 DT (Foil-Ready) 48 7,5 - 11,0 1599,-


Einsatzbereich: Freeride Windsurf-Foil
Marke: Tabou
Model: 2021

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