Surfboard Tabou Fifty TEAM 2021 115 Liter

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50% Foil + 50% Fin = 100% Windsurf Performance

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The two in one solution for freeracing and windfoiling – make sure to get 100% performance, no matter what’s in your fin box. The Fifty is the consequent evolution of the Rocket+ for riders, who want nothing else but performance in light and stronger winds. With just one board you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the water, no matter what the conditions look like. Make use of the shortened outline, higher entry rocker and wider tail with big step cut-outs to take-off early on a foil in marginal winds or put a fin under the board and enjoy the pure freeracing performance with impressive top speed and control.

Volumen (lt.) Länge (cm) Breite (cm) Gewicht (kg) Fin-Box Serienfinne (cm) Sailrange (m²) UVP (Euro)
115 232 72 7,0 Foil-Tuttle-Box 38 - 2399,-
125 232 76 7,2 Foil-Tuttle-Box 40 - 2399,-


Einsatzbereich: Freeride Windsurf-Foil
Marke: Tabou
Model: 2021

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