Surfboard Tabou 3S Classic LTD 2021 117 Liter

Artikelnummer: tab_21_3sl-003

Kategorie: Tabou


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Every windsurfer, who enjoys riding a lively but still easy to use board, will love the 3S Classic. A traditional, longer outline is combined with a very forgiving rocker line, which gets you planing early and with less power in the sail than expected. With its longer shape the 3S Classic offers magnificent control in chop as well as gusts and in combination with the impressive low-end planing potential provides a huge wind range. Thanks to the double step cut-out in the tail section carving through jibes and even riding smaller waves becomes as joyful and easy as ever.

Volumen (lt.) Länge (cm) Breite (cm) Gewicht (kg) Fin-Box Serienfinne (cm) Sailrange (m²) UVP (Euro)
97 236 61,0 6,8 PB 28 4,2 - 6,6 2099,-
107 236 64,5 7,0 PB 32 4,5 - 7,0 2099,-
117 236 66,0 7,4 PB 34 4,7 - 7,4 2099,-


Einsatzbereich: Freestyle Wave Freemove
Marke: Tabou
Model: 2021

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