Kite Core Free LW 17,0 m² weiss

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Not everyday is ideal. Like when your favorite weather app teases you with yellow as you pack your gear and jump in the car. Just as you pull into the beach, the forecast is downgraded. But you remembered to pack the new CORE Free LW in the trunk. And in ten minutes, you are on the water doing what you love with a wickedly silly grin and a few fist pumps. This 3 strut, bow inspired, lightwind all-rounder lets you be you. In waves, on the slick, or in between. Rest assured, the Free LW will make a lot of new friends this season with its stump pulling, work inhibiting, awesomeness. Strapless riders will appreciate the insane drift and instant relaunch. Air-stylers and freeriders will drool over the incredible range and lift. Free LW. Don?t leave home without one.

Einsatzbereich: Wave Freestyle Freeride
Model: 2018
Kitegröße: 17,0 - 20,0 m²
Marke: Core

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