Foil-Board Tabou Air Ride Plus TEAM 2021 230 Liter

Artikelnummer: tab_21_aip-002

Kategorie: Tabou


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The professional foil racing scene develops quickly and so do the requests of our team to the Air Ride foil racing board. A board that won the world title in the past was updated with several features that allow our team to have the best platform for racing in different conditions. The Air Ride range consists of three different sizes with the 81 meant especially for lighter and young foil racers, the 91 for slalom foil racing and the 100 acting as an upwind foil racing weapon. While our team managed to make the Air Ride lift off incredibly early, one of the main targets was to rework the deck shape in order to provide unmatched control and comfort so that foil racers can push their limits to the max.

Volumen (lt.) Länge (cm) Breite (cm) Gewicht (kg) Fin-Box Sailrange (m²) UVP (Euro)
155 212 81 9,2 Foil-Box (Deep Tuttle) tba 2599,-
230 226 91 11,2 Foil-Box (Deep Tuttle) tba 2599,-
250 226 100 12,6 Foil-Box (Deep Tuttle) tba 2599,-


Marke: Tabou
Model: 2021
Einsatzbereich: Windsurf-Foil

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